zinjadu: (arthur is awesomepants)
zinjadu ([personal profile] zinjadu) wrote2010-02-16 04:49 pm

emails plz

Hey everyone!

So I don't really get onto the journals (dreamwidth or LJ) sort of... at all, so if something's gone on your life, I'd really appreciate an email link to the post at least. Otherwise I'm liable to miss what's going on in everyone's lives and that sort of sucks.

I know life goes on without me, but I love updates from home. Even if its about a freaking sandwich you ate. I'm not kidding. You might think your life is boring, but it's not boring to me. I'm friends with all of you for a reason, and part of that is because your lives and your thoughts and interests mean something to me. So give me a heads up. I love those emails. So please, please keep in touch and let me know what's going on. I know it can be a challenge to keep in touch, but I'd really appreciate whatever you can throw my way while I'm gone.


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